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WND&WVS Podcasts

Interviews and industry perspectives from professional water athletes.

Connor Baxter

Stand Up Paddle Racer

Gabrielle Reece

Sports and Media Icon

Evan Netsch

Pro Kiter

April Zilg

Stand up Paddle Racer

Ben Gravy

Video Blogger

Greg Carson

Taino Divers

Will Skudin

Big Wave Surfer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Ultimate Waterman

Phil Soltysiak

Professional Windsurfer

Brian Reardon

WSL Live Web Caster

David Carson

Graphic Designer and Surfer

Samantha Bittner

Founder of the American Windsurfing Tour

Chuck Patterson

Epic Winter at Jaws

Jeff Clark

Race and Surf Shapes

Laird Hamilton

Recovering from Hip Surgery