WND&WVS Podcasts

Interviews and industry perspectives from professional water athletes.

Greg Carson - Taino Divers

I was down in Rincon, Puerto Rico last week for the Beach Boy stand up paddle board race and got a chance to catch up with Greg Carson. Carson is a waterman through and through. After growing up outside Fort Worth Texas and later attending the University of Florida, he answered a call for a job as a dive instructor at a small dive shop in Rincon. He's been there for 25 years since.

Will Skudin - Big Wave Surfer

Will Skudin has secured a full time spot on the Big Wave World Tour this year. We talk to him about growing up as an east coast surfer on the big wave world stage and how his background in swimming helped prepare him for the mental toughness required for huge surf.

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer - Ultimate Waterman

Zane has had an incredible year this year having won the Ultimate Water Challenge, The Master of the Ocean, runner up to SUP male athlete of the year, and as I write this he has just won gold in the 2016 ISA men's sup surf event in Fiji. The guy is on fire.

Phil Soltysiak - Professional Windsurfer

Phil Soltysiak is a 24 year old professional windsurfer from Toronto Canada who won Male Windsurf Athlete of the year last year from the Association of Wind and Water Sport Industries and just had his best career finish ever this year on the PWA world tour.

Brian Reardon - Auxiliary Channel

If you've ever watched a live stream of a professional surfing event, you'll love hearing from our guest in this episode. Brian Reardon is the owner and founder of the Auxiliary Channel - a media production company responsible for providing internet streams for action sports events.

David Carson - Graphic Designer and Surfer

We were extremely excited to have David Carson in the shop today to talk about his life as a surfer and graphic designer. David grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida where he started riding waves, then eventually becomes a professional surfer and shares his experiences both competing and judging contests in the late 1970s and 80s.

Samantha Bittner - Founder of the American Windsurfing Tour

Meet Samantha Bittner. Born and raised in Washington state, moved to Maui out of a passion for windsurfing and soon after created the American Windsurfing Tour. Hear her story as she pumps new energy into windsurfing by re-introducing wave sailing to the Americas.

Chuck Patterson - Epic Winter at Jaws

Russ and the boys get Chuck Patterson on the line to talk about stand up paddle surfing at Jaws this winter and the need for a single world racing/surf tour.

Jeff Clark - Race and Surf Shapes

The WND&WVS crew sits down to talk with Mavericks founder and big wave surfer, Jeff Clark, about his latest custom stand up paddle surf and race shapes and the SUP scene in Northern California.

Laird Hamilton - Recovering from Hip Surgery

Russ, Kevin, and Jeff had the opportunity to talk with Laird Hamilton about his recent hip replacement surgery, foil boarding, the 2016 Surrator, and this winter's El Nino season.