Wednesday Night Race Clinic

Whether you're brand new to the sport of paddle racing or a seasoned competitor, you're encouraged to attend our weekly race clinic designed to maximize your training and fitness potential.

Each week we'll be organizing paddling drills and practice races to give you the experience and instruction you'll need to become a competitive paddle racer. Drills include breaking down the stand up paddle stroke using land and water techniques to help you optimize board speed, efficiency, and power. Once we've done that, we'll put those techniques to the test through a series of time trial practice races so that you can track your progress from week to week. The details of each workout will depend on weather conditions and the group dynamic.

Every week, we'll be joined by professional paddle racer, Tommy Buday, to work on advanced skills such as beach and water starts, buoy turns, drafting, sprints, and endurance drills.

Please meet us at Perkins Pier at 6:00 sharp with a board, paddle and PFD. Private instruction is also available with advanced notice. Call the shop for details.