Intro to SUP

Our Intro to SUP lessons, led by our experienced instructors, are geared toward teaching the basics of stand up paddling while sharing the beauty and adventure of Lake Champlain and its shoreline. Nervous? Don't be. Stand up padding is easy and incredibly rewarding once you understand the basics of balance and paddling. We're confident that you'll fall in love with this sport once you give it a try.

This basic class teaches you the fundamentals of stand up paddling. After only an hour you will be able to get on your board, stand up and stay up. We'll teach you the proper paddle technique getting the most out of your stroke while improving your core strength and paddling efficiency. You'll leave this lesson feeling comfortable on your board and padding with confidence.

All Intro to SUP classes are located at Perkins Pier at the bottom of Maple St. in downtown Burlington.

Looking for a private lesson on a different day or time? Just call the shop at (802) 540-2529 to schedule something that works for you or your group.

No Experience Necessary.