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Amy Rodriguez

Magic Board: 5’9’’ Eric Arakawa Gx Model

Sponsors: WND&WVS, Hi Mom!

Results: I’d be too much of a nervous wreck in a contest, plus all the girls in my heat would need to fall.

Industry Hero: Style Queen- Stephanie Gilmore, Power Surfing Queen-Carissa Moore

Favorite Local Grinds: Jack’s Shack (best veggie burger EVER)- Rincon PR

Favorite Animal: Coqui!

Funny moment on the road with the WNDNWVS Crew?
First road trip with the crew back in VT, we were headed to Lake Elmore. I just remember we were all in a phase where we finished our sentences with ‘yo,’ and we were cracking jokes on the way there. Plus any errand run for the Villa with Elizabeth is awesome, we get a kick out of trying to get something simple done in the complicated maze that is this island.