A Series of Videos Worth Watching

Rigging Your Severne Sail

Russ walks you through the process of rigging your windsurfing sail.

SUP Surfing Instruction

Learn the basics of catching and riding waves on a stand up paddle board.

Jim Terrell Dry Land Clinic

Olympic canoe paddler, Jimmy Terrell, shows you the fundamentals of the paddle stroke in this dry land clinic.

Jim Terrell Paddle Analysis

Jim captures some video of various paddlers and breaks down their paddle stroke using some innovative tools.

Intro to Windsurfing

This is a great little series of windsurfing instruction for intermediates and beginners.

Kiteboarding Tricks

The Cabrinha team riders take you through a series of intermediate and advanced kiteboarding moves.

Larry Cain Paddling Drills

This is a great series of videos from Larry Cain that break down the paddle stroke into very useful practice drills.

Downwinding on Maui

Follow Connor Baxter and Bart Dzwart on their Maliko practice run down winding on Maui.

Starboard Factory Tour

Take a tour with Starboard founder and CEO, Svein Rasmussen, through their headquarters in Thailand.

Ken Bradshaw's Record Wave

This is an old video, but I love the way that Bradshaw explains his passion for big wave riding and how he responds to the question "Weren't you scared?".

The Ultimate Showdown

Greatest mass media exposure for the sport of SUP racing ever done.

Big Blue Tarp Surfing

Ok, this is just hilarious. Gotta try this sometime.