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Chris Bertish Book Tour Comes to Hula

Chris Bertish is a big Big Wave Surfing Mavericks Champion, Stand-up Paddleboarding Guinness World Record Holder, Global Inspirational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Genius 100 Thought Leader, Conservationist and Ocean Pioneer. Chris's philosophy is one of positive change: starting with ourselves we can all make a difference, make an impact on others and the world around us, when we show up at our best, strive to be better, each and every day in some small way and we’re all capable of living our greatest potential-when we go “All In” for what we believe in! When we can do this we can do anything, even the seemingly impossible. He shares this story and message of overcoming adversity and triumphing against all odds in his inspirational talks and appearances he does globally. Admission is free to the public.

Wednesday September 27th at 6:00pm at Hula